Monday, January 28, 2013

I found New Life

      Our Church, NEW LIFE THE FORT Led by our wonderful and anointed Pastors, Pastor Jocel Evangelista and Pastor Mylene Evangelista, holds its 6 services at CINEMA 7, On the 5th Floor of Market Market Mall in Taguig City, Philippines.. GOD Spoke to me through this photo posted by one of our church volunteers on her facebook page, God reminded me that number 7 stands for completion, it goes to show that the People who are attending the Church are hungry for the finished work of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. And that's not all, 7 also means REST, the bible tells us that on the 7th day after he created the heavens and the earth and every living thing on it God rest, it simply means that our Church is operating in God's Rest. Amazing, but God is not done yet,  He also mentioned to me that the floor where our church stands has a meaning. Its located on the 5th floor of the Mall; number 5 is the number of Grace so to sum it up, God is telling me that he built our Church on his GRACE through the Finished Work of our Lord JESUS CHRIST. 

I'm attending the church for almost 3 years now and its just today that I took notice of it. God Never fails to Amaze me... He keeps on revealing more of him self to all of us as we behold his son JESUS CHRIST... My prayer is that we all stay foolish and hungry like a child in his Presence.. STAY BLESSED AND KEEP SHARING THE LOVE!!! 


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